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Backstroy summary

The year is 1999. The story takes place in Mexico.

A rogue scientist betrays the Speedwagon Foundation, fleeing to Mexico. A small village is mysteriously abandoned overnight. The bastard son of the infamous outlaw Hol Horse, seeks revenge against his father. A young girl is hunted down by a cartel, led by a man rumored to be possessed by a demon.

The nights have since become increasingly dangerous, as an epidemic of bodies drained of blood spread across the countryside.

All the while, across the ocean, a small Japanese city is plagued by an enigmatic serial murderer.

The Speedwagon Foundation has sent resources to Mexico to stop a growing threat. A threat that is centuries old, and known well by the Joestar family line and the brave men and women who have aided them in their fight for humanity.

A story birthed in the ancient cradle of Mexico, returns to the source in a search for more than just a stone mask...

Chapter 001 : 「 LA SANGRE VUELVE 」| "The Blood Returns"

October, 9, 1997. In the wake of Hurricane Pauline, one of the deadliest hurricanes to make landfall in Mexico, a disgraced archeologist (Sangrio) seeks to redeem his reputation by locating an ancient Mesoamerican artifact. A relic he's spent his life seeking, based on the lost letters of Zumárraga.

With the recently acquired help of his new "mysterious friend", they venture into the depths of the Metropolitan Cathedral, located in the heart of Mexico City.

Chapter 002 : 「 LA GRAVEDAD DESPIERTA 」| "Gravity Awakens"

April, 4, 1999. Easter Sunday. Across the country of Mexico, a handful of strangers have been unwittingly set on a collission course with fate and each other.

Meanwhile, in the small desert hamlet of Pozo Sin Madre, located in central Chihuahua, a couple of policemen drop in for a routine shakedown.

Little do they know, they are at the epicenter of this fate-shifting force, drawn in as if by gravity itself.

Chapter 003 : 「 Hijo de la Pistola 」

To be posted when the chapter is published.